Enrichment Programmes

Secret Potion

The focus of instruction in the early years is on learning to read, but over time the focus
shifts to reading to learn. This, ultimately, is why people read and why reading matters. To reach this goal, children need help in becoming deliberate and reflective readers. They need explicit instruction in comprehension and thinking skills that will enable them to obtain and remember important ideas from the text. They also need help in integrating the information in the text with their prior knowledge in order to build on their learning and deepen their understanding.

Through active engagement in the reading process, children learn ways to use their growing knowledge and skills flexibly and in combination. This enables them to read with greater fluency and comprehension. Over time, children demonstrate an increasing sophistication in their ability to read more complex texts and solve problems when the meaning is unclear. They are able to reflect on and communicate their understanding and reasoning about the reading material.

Secret Potion programme is designed for students to develop a strong foundation in English. It gives students a thorough grounding in the language and literacy skills, strengthens students’ reading and comprehension skills through short interesting stories. Students will be exposed to a wide range of topics that helps expand their vocabulary and general knowledge.

Vocabulary is the building block of a language. Once children have mastered the basic words, they enter the next phase of language development whereby they combine words to form grammatically correct sentences. To facilitate this advancement, students are introduced to basic grammar rules and simple writing skills. At this level, our students cross both vocabulary and grammar milestones. They are now ready for more complex and advanced literacy skills.

Wizard 1 – 6

A complete range of English literacy components based on International school Primary education.


  • Comprehensive coverage of appropriate words
  • Repetitive use of new vocabulary to enforce learning
  • A variety of tests to enhance knowledge.

Language Usage and Grammar:

  • explanatory notes and examples to help children understand and master the rules
  • reinforcement through focused practice
  • strategies to successfully complete tasks pertaining to grammar and usage

Comprehension and Cloze:

  • provide both literal and interpretive comprehension skills
  • understand and extract key information from passages
  • specific strategies to answer MCQ and open-ended questions accurately


  • a simple method for writing interesting and creative sentences
  • emphasis on elaborating sensory details with rich and expressive vocabulary
  • plan and develop captivating plots