Magic Sounds

2.Magic Sounds NEW
Children have short attention span and get distracted easily simply because they are so curious about everything. Magic Sounds programme takes advantage of a young child’s curiosity and desire to learn new things. Through visual, auditory and kinesthetic teaching process outlined in our programme, critical aspects of a child’s brain are established including communication skills, intellectual development and crucial early phonemic awareness and phonics knowledge.

Our Magic Sounds programme helps students make sense of the world around them, develop their cognitive skills, their social skills and their ability to communicate and express themselves verbally. Language skills development includes expression and reception of spoken language and comprehension.

At this stage, children need to develop their imagination. That’s why stories, activities and games are presented to make the lessons fun and interactive, and to tickle their imagination or even encourage them to exercise their own creativity.

While our multi-sensory activities are interesting, they are firmly focused on intensifying the learning associated with its phonics goal. The activities avoid taking students down a circuitous route only tenuously linked to the goal. This means avoiding over-elaborate activities that are difficult to manage and take too long to complete, thus distracting students from concentrating on the learning goal.

The outcome of Magic Sounds programme is to significantly increase students’ vocabulary. Besides being able to confidently extract first and last sounds of spoken words, students are expected to recognise letter-sound relationships. Once the key components are mastered, they are ready for the next programme called Blending Tricks.