Reading Wand

4.Reading Wand
Becoming a reader is a continuous process that begins with the development of oral language skills and leads, over time, to independent reading.

Reading Wand is a comprehensive programme designed to teach reading fluency, spelling, writing, vocabulary and comprehension in a clearly defined, incremental sequence.

In the fluency stage, students are able to identify words with greater skill and ease, and read with better comprehension. They need many opportunities to read texts that are predictable, patterned, and interesting in order to read words quickly and without effort. With extensive reading practice, they develop a level of fluency that enables them to read with increasing enjoyment and understanding.

At this level, we work on helping students to move away from blending and segmenting and develop automaticity in their reading. We can then devote even more of our attentions to developing all the other areas of literacy and at the same time fostering a love of reading through read aloud, shared-reading, guided reading, and exposure to interesting cumulative storybooks.

Early reading success motivates children to read more. Providing children with storybooks within their level of alphabetic code knowledge will get them interested in reading and ultimately turn it into a lifelong love of learning.

Motivation to read is the essential element for actively engaging children in the reading process. It is the fuel that lights the fire and keeps it burning. Children need to be immersed in a literacy-rich environment that captures their interest and make them want to read for information and pleasure.

Beginner readers are not required to read books independently which are beyond their level of alphabetic code knowledge, however they do have free access to any books and share books with adults in a variety of ways.

Books have a lot of competition these days. Games, shows, and other devices offer interactivity which draws in a lot of attention. While some of these devices also have learning capabilities, it’s an interest in books and reading that has a direct correlation to learning and comprehension. A child who reads is more likely to develop a lifelong love of learning which will greatly affect their academic performance as well as an overall happiness with their lives.

Literacy does not only concern books; literacy affects a child’s overall ability to read situations, people and problems. By giving a child the love of reading, they also gain a love for learning and bettering themselves. A certain self-confidence is gained from the independent act of reading. Reading Wand programme helps jumpstart that self-confidence significantly. Our students will become independent, successful, motivated readers and accurate spellers.

Kids need to be able to explore, imagine and dream big. So they can discover their passions, their interests and experience the world. They need the superheroes, magical lands and secret languages of books.